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Fuck Off and Die - No Peace, No Love, No Whores, No God [2005]

ALBUM: No Peace, No Love, No Whores, No God
YEAR: 2005
GENRE: Black Metal / Crust
COUNTRY: Lithuania


Kommander L. - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming.


1. Peace and Love
2. War and Hate
3. Fuck Off and Die!!!
4. Pacifism Sucks
5. Useless Race
6. I Hate Homosexual Metalheads
7. Cult of Intoxication
8. Fuck the Nuns in the Ass
9. You Must Suffer, Bitch 
10. Atomic Nuclear Desolation (Blasphemy cover)
11. Better Alone Than with You


Other informations: http://www.fuck-off-and-die.net/main.page.htm

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