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Neuro-Visceral Exhumation - The Human Society Wants More Gore [2004]

ALBUM: The Human Society Wants More Gore
YEAR: 2004
GENRE: Goregrind


Fred - Drums
Marcos - Bass
Rafael Kataho - Vocals
Marcos Oishi - Guitar


1. Hang’em On Their Own Guts
2. Sinister Traces Of Violence
3. Homocide Is On My Side
4. The Human Society Wants More Gore
5. From Eva Comes My Obssession
6. Profanation
7. Hatred, Bloodbath And Hecatombe
8. Hatefilled Atrocities
9. Hit Me With Dead Flesh
10. Stabbing Cranial Tumours
11. Fisically Humiliated
12. Handsaw Rectal Abortion
13. Insanity by Female Anatomy
14. Unfinishing Bleeding
15. Helga (Lost Her Fuckin' Head)
16. Washed in Rectro-Visceral Secretions in a Collective Carnage Post Intercourse

*Profanation" originally recorded by Incantation.
*Helga (Lost Her Head)" originally recorded by Repulsion.

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